Building and maintaining a reliable copper wire network takes experience and knowledge—and Comnet delivers. All around the world, telecommunications companies are facing big challenges as they strive to provide reliable service in a competitive environment. Our copper cable assemblies accommodate the customer demand for expanding high speed cable, voice, data and video services.

IMG_1064Copper Wires You Can Count On

Comnet’s high speed cable assemblies offer a complete solution consisting of patch panels, patch cords, jack panels, cables and faceplates that offers maximum performance at any budget. Built on reliability and exceeding existing standards, our custom wire and cable products will keep you up and running in an integrated world.

Our copper wire systems are created through advanced research and development, using innovative technologies and rigorous performance testing backed by our suppliers. With years of experience and manufacturing success, Comnet provides the custom wire and cable solutions you need to support your entire enterprise. See for yourself. Contact Comnet Telecom Supply today at call (800) 603-7824 and we’ll show you the possibilities.