• Canary’s Gigabit Ethernet converters allow preexisting Category (5, 5E) UTP and fiber optic segments to be interconnected while maintaining Gigabit Ethernet data rates. Now users can take advantage of newer, low-cost network interface cards with Copper Gigabit Ethernet ports and, if needed, link them to existing multimode or single-mode fiber optic segments. With Canary’s new converters, users across the network can take full advantage of the raw speed of Gigabit Ethernet formerly limited to server/switch backbones.
  • Both Copper-to-Fiber and Fiber-to-Fiber Gigabit converters are available, both expand the reach of networks. The GFC Series converters provide multi-mode transmission distances from 220 to 550 meters. Both GFT and GFC Series single-mode transmission distances range from 10 to 25 kilometers. A redundant power supply enhances reliability.
  • GFC and GFT Series converters are available as modular card versions for Canary’s 16- and 20-slot rack chassis for high-density configurations.
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